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Why do you need Emirates Repair Services ?
Do appliances have a bizarre habit of breaking at inconvenient times? 

When an appliance stops working, you may be completely unsure of what to do next — Clearly, you have no idea how it works, have no idea why it suddenly stopped working, and have no idea how to fix it! Reach out to Emirates Repair Services in Dubai & Sharjah. Emirates Repair Services tell you what you can and can’t do! You can engage. Call Emirates Repair Services to rescue you!

Household appliances contribute significantly to your overall comfort by efficiently completing several tiresome duties. It’s easy to overlook how much work our appliances do for us, but it’s evident very fast when they break down. Appliance malfunctions can cause many difficulties, from stacks of dirty dishes to a freezer full of melting ice. Emirates Repair Services is the best appliance repair service available in Dubai & Sharjah, 24/7.

There’s nothing we can’t fix!

We are available 24/7! 


We are just one call/text away

What kinds of appliances do we fix?

All of your home and kitchen appliances, including your washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, cooker, hob, and oven, refrigerator is repaired by our highly competent appliance repair engineers

What will the cost of repairing any appliance be…?

You’ll be looking at a range of rates depending on the size and scope of the repair operation. We can offer you a more accurate quote if you phone or contact us and detail the situation. After we’ve diagnosed the problem and provided you with a summary of what can be done to solve it, we’ll give you the most accurate estimate.

When can you contact us for appliance repairing services?

You can contact us anytime you feel feasible. Our technicians provide services 24/7 hours, either weekend or holiday we are one call away.

Is it better to fix or replace my current appliance?

You will not be making a valid comparison if you compare having your old machine serviced or replacing it with an equipment that is comparable in price to what you spent for your machine 10 or so years ago. For the same price, the machines are not comparable in terms of quality or endurance. If you simply replace your present appliance with one that normally costs the same as it did a decade ago, you’ll have to fix or replace it every 3 to 4 years


In appliance repair services two things matters most are reliability and quickness. At Emirates Repair Services, we are both.


Emirates Appliance Repair has been the company you can trust for dependable and friendly service for more than a decade. We are excited to begin working for you.


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