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Television Repair

Best TV Repair Service in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi

Is your TV acting up, leaving you with a blank screen or fuzzy picture? You are not alone. Emirates Repair Service is here to grab your attention and offer you the top notch TV repair services in Dubai.

We know that having a working TV in your home is a bliss. It’s not just the medium of entertainment but also a window to the world, a source of news and a way to bond with family and friends when you want to spend quality time. When it malfunctions it can leave you hanging in the middle of a movie climax or you can miss an important headline and you’ll get fed up and feel frustrated. But don’t worry we got you and our expert technicians will restore your TV to the prime condition again.

Let Us Help With Your TV Repair

tv repair service dubai

Are you ready to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment again? Contact “Emirate repair services” for excerpt TV repair services in Dubai. We are available 24/7 to provide you with the best Tv repair services in Dubai. Reach us at or we are just a call away.

You can also contact us on 

WhatsApp +971586619786 or Mobile +971586619786.

Your Television Issues That We Can Fix

LED, LCD and Plasma TV Repair

We deal in all brands and types of TV including LCD, LED and plasma TV repair services in Dubai ensuring you have a crystal clear experience.

Speaker and Audio Repair

Our experts can easily find the issue and give the best solution with positive feedback from all our customers.

Screen and Display issues:

We tackle all screen and display problems including dead pixels to screen flickering.

Remote Control Repair:

Having trouble with your TV Remote? We can fix it or replace it in an hour. We are just a call away.

Even the television is susceptible to repairs, just like any other electrical device

Televisions have undoubtedly been a popular source of information and pleasure for a very long time. This appliance is appreciated by people of all ages because it is a constant pleasurable activity.

There are many of options available, whether you’re looking for children’s music or cartoons, current events or movies. Not to mention that every home and workplace now has a smart TV, the most recent addition to the list. Everyone has been amazed by their opportunity to link using smartphones and the internet. To fix any form of display or functional issue therein, always go with a reputable and skilled repairer.

There’s nothing we can’t fix!

The first stage in TV repair is a precise evaluation. You can pinpoint the problematic part(s) that are liable for your TV’s symptoms once you determine what’s wrong with it. You can discover whether your TV is an LCD, LED, or Plasma model by conducting a fast Google search using the model number. Once you are aware of the type of TV you have, you may use these films as generic guides to diagnose and fix it like us or just contact us we will take care of everything. Because, Emirates Appliance Repair Service workers are highly professional and technical. We will reach you on the same day anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.  

Some Frequent Issues those arises with televesion from time to time

  • LED won’t turn power on
  • Distorted image
  • Hearing and echo
  • Unable to connect to internet
  • No picture at all
  • A still photo
  • No sound

If you come into any of the above issue. Don’t panic just pick up your phone and contact us. Our experts will reach you on the same day with proper solution to your problem. As we are a leading Appliance repair service providing company in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Emirates Appliances Repair Services is quick and reliable source for your problem when it comes to get things done efficiently and quickly.

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